WISE ENERGY is a full service distributor of various, commercial and industrial lighting products. We have extensive experience in offering lighting control and design, dimming applications, and energy retrofit assesments. We have vast knowledge of light fixtures, lamps, and ballasts from many industry leading  manufactures.

WISE ENERGY provides an unbiased decision whether to retrofit existing fixtures or install new lighting and will help you determine which solution fits best for you.

WISE ENERGY can provide lighting solutions, dimming systems applications as well as specify a number of other home comfort products like: floor heating cable, back up generators, home networking and cabling plus many other home comfort products.

Reduce Utility Bills and Improve Your Bottom Line:

  • Reduce energy consumption through lower wattage systems
  • Reduce maintenance costs through longer life LED lamps
  • Improve light quality, levels, and employee comfort
  • Lower energy with use of lighting controls & occupancy sensors
  •  Take advantage of "Save On Energy" Rebate Programs
  • Replace inefficient lamps and ballasts with modern technology

Lighting Specific Services Include:

  • Lamp and Ballast Replacement
  • Lighting Design and Layout
  •  Lighting Control & Daylight Harvesting
  • Energy Assessment with Lighting Software
  • Customized LED Sign Lighting & Retrofitting
  • Save On Energy Rebate Form Submitting
  • Off Grid Low Voltage LED Installation

We Are Your Turnkey Lighting Specialists!