EPC is a turnkey service, sometimes compared to design/build construction contracting which provides our customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed generation measures that we accompany with guarantees that the savings produced by the project will be sufficient to finance the full cost of the project.

A typical EPC project is delivered by an Energy Service Company (ESCO) such as Wise Energy & Building Automation Solutionsand consists of the following elements:

• Turnkey Service – Our ESCO provides all of the services required to design and implement a comprehensive project at your facility, from the initial energy audit through long-term Monitoring and Verification (M&V) of project savings.

• Comprehensive Measures – We tailor a comprehensive set of measures to fit the needs of your facility, and can include energy efficiency, renewables, distributed generation, water conservation and sustainable materials and operations. 

What is Energy Performance Contract (EPC)?